Jimmy ienner Jr

Photographer / Videographer / Visual Artist


From the beginning, Jimmy has always been passionate about photography and music. At age nine he was already taking quality stills and bringing them to life in a dark room, his first film, a Super 8, was shot and edited by the time he was twelve. It should come as no surprise that Jimmy had parleyed his passion for photography into a lifelong adventure with more accomplishments then his 30 year career would seem to have time for.  

As Chief Photographer / Video Director at Sony Music Entertainment Inc. for nearly two decades, Jimmy worked with hundreds of the biggest talents in the business. From the 1990's to the late 2000's he was one of the most published photographers in the entertainment industry. His photography portfolio runs full spectrum, including artwork seen on and inside dozens of CD and DVD covers, as well as publicity photos, tour merchandise, assignments on several major feature films, and music videos. Jimmy’s work in video has appeared on television and cable networks, and the internet throughout the world.

He has photographed or directed some of the biggest names and most defining persons of our era from artists such as Roger Waters co-founding member of Pink Floyd and Mariah Carey, to actors including Peter Boyle and Kevin Bacon, and even leaders of the free world like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Jimmy’s clients are not limited to artists, actors, and world leaders. He was sought out by Apple Inc. for his expertise in photography and videography as well as his natural ability to be a team leader, instructor and mentor.

Jimmy continues to bring to life his passion for photography in his freelance projects that represent his artistic styling and clearly depict the vision of his clients. 

At the age of twenty seven Jimmy became one of the youngest photographers to land a professional endorsement from the prestigious camera company Leica also that year with Fuji Film. 2007-2008, Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business Lincoln Center, tapped Jimmy to design and teach a graduate level class on Entertainment Marketing. 2010-2012 Jimmy was voted in as co-chair of the Visual Arts Committee of the Recording Academy NARAS (GRAMMYs) for Video Direction. This honor is in addition to his existing status as voting member of the Academy.

 When Jimmy’s not holding a camera of some sort in his hands, he’ll likely be found out on a river, fly-fishing, which is a favorite hobby and the source of a large body of his work in imagery. Jimmy has also served several terms on the Board of Directors of the Catskill Fly-Fishing Center & Museum.


Professional Endorsements

Photography: Fuji, Leica, Filson, Sony, Apple, Nikon

Fly Fishing: Orvis, Sage, Thomas & Thomas, ExOfficio




Dave Santaniello

Integrated Marketing & Entertainment/Brand Partnership Executive

I’ve known Jimmy for more than 20 years and his creative vision is only matched by his love and passion for capturing images. He’s a lucky guy being able to do what he loves for a living while also being incredibly good at it. But I’ve also been lucky having worked with him for my entire career at Sony Music. Whether shooting Mariah Carey at the Tokyo dome, filming an EPK of an unknown artist to launch their career or trudging through the snow in Vermont for that illusive shot, Jimmy has the same subtle and powerful ability shooting a music artist or capturing nature in its most pure form.

Now if he could only make my head shot look better…hey, he’s an artist, not a plastic surgeon


Luz Garcia, MBA, CAMS

Lead Analyst & Investigator at GE Capital

In the past year I've had the pleasure to work with Jimmy on several assignments and each time he as done astonishing work with his exceptional eye for detail. Jimmy has gone above and beyond of what was expected of him with the upmost professionalism. Jimmy's love and passion for photography really made it an enjoyable work experience.


Michael B Borofsky

Owner, Reverse Angle Productions

Jimmy was just born with a keen eye. He can turn the unseen subtleties of the sublime into the most fascinating element in the frame.


Lynn Fredericks

Founder & President at FamilyCook Productions

I first hired Jimmy to direct, film and edit a documentary in 2009 that proved to be challenging technically as well as the subject matter required great sensitivity. Jimmy’s skill set — both technical and creative — addressed all the challenges we faced when shooting and later cutting the film, and the results far exceeded my expectations.