Local Students Star in Stamford Band’s Video

Local Students Star in Stamford Band’s Video

Photo Board of Ed VP Jerry Pia and his band SlikStuf get local students involved in their latest music video, “Hey G-Pop.”

For some elementary students in Stamford, their 15 minutes of fame may come early.

On Saturday afternoon, students from across the city gathered at Northeast Elementary decked out in their matching “Hey G-Pop” tee-shirts to make their cameo in a music video from the local band SlikStuf. The song was written last year by SlikStuf lead singer and Stamford Board of Education Vice President Jerry Pia for his grandson, Jack.

The feel good, rock ‘n’ roll family song was written after Jack called and asked him to play at his preschool. “The lyrics of the song are true,” Pia told Patch. “Jack called me and asked me to play at his preschool. It’s a fun song. People can sing along and everyone in the band gets a solo.”

Students were filmed on stage singing along to the lyrics and playing some rather intense air guitar.

SlikStuf, which has six members, played the song live last year at Alive at 5 in Stamford. Pia said the reaction from the crowd was “great.”

“Everybody started singing it,” said Pia. “I have people even calling me G-Pop now.”

On the heels of the song's populatiry, Pia and the band decided to make a music video with local students and community members to be aired on local stations. While Pia can’t confirm some of the other cameos, he says he has reached out to prominent Connecticut and Stamford leaders to debut in the video, as well.

United Productions Company, lead by Jimmy Ienner Jr., is creating the video. There is no set release date as of yet for the video, although Pia says more details will emerge in the coming weeks.