Chic Jack’s Vintage Clothing

I had the pleasure of visiting the new store, Chick Jack’s in Stamford, CT, photographing vintage clothing with Jack the owner. Looking forward to returning to Jack’s VC for another photo shoot soon.

History of Chick Jack’s

CJ’S Vintage Clothing first opened its doors in 1975. That very tiny store on First Avenue in Manhattan sold everything from rugs to clothing and was so successful that a second, larger store on the Avenue soon followed. 

After eight or so years honing our knowledge of the period and vintage clothing and with keen instincts for coming trends, we moved the business to Broadway and Union Square where the store would remain for 25 years! 

CJ’s was now housed in 12,000 square feet of space and every square foot was packed to the rafters with high-end and unique vintage clothing. That store became not only a landmark and a destination in itself but a place to see and be seen by Broadway, television, film stars and designers. We also became a tremendous resource for outfitting stage productions, movies and just anyone who wanted to stay ahead of the fashion curve. 

CJ’s then took another 12,000 square foot space on 5th Avenue in the shadow of the Empire State Building where we were fortunate enough to enjoy a world-wide reputation for being, as one shopper put it “vintage heaven!” After almost a decade on that storied avenue, we were forced to shut down due to landlord emergency renovations to the building. 

So now they are in Stamford and they invite the new community to step back in time at Chic Jack’s, where there is always a comfortable chair, a friendly and knowledgeable staff and a warm smile to greet you.